Active Youth Mentorship Program in Cycle 2017-2020

Active Youth Mentorship Program in Cycle 2017-2020

Dear Nominated Active Youth
Now the program for mentorship in cycle 2017-2020 is more matured and I invite you to join WPC Mentorship program in international area. On behalf of the World Petroleum Council’s Youth Committee, It is our pleasure to invite number of active Iran Youth members to participate as a Mentee in the programme.

We would be delighted, if you would accept our invitation and fill the contact information and send us your confirmation before 24th September 2017 to Mr. Sajjad Kshavarzian as Iran YC Coordinator for mentorship program in cycle 2017-2020.

As your earlier announcement in coordinator team regarding new cycle of WPC Mentorship Program for 2017-20 cycle, Therefore Please find attached 6 OFFICIAL Y mentees and one mentor from Iran YC member for new Cycle of International Mentor ship Program as follow:

Int. Mentees:

1. Mr. Sajjad Keshavarzian (Coordinator)

2. Mr. Erfan Afazeli

3. Mr. Keyvan Miladi

4. Mr. Mohsen Haerinejad

5. Ms. Fatemeh Delforouz

6. Mr. Amin Avazpour(Maybe)

Int. Mentor: Dr. Masoud Riazi from Shiraz Univ.

You are kindly requested submit CV and fill contact & application forms to Mr. Sajjad Keshavarzian utmost deadline.

Note: The active mentees & mentors will invite as free registration & free accommodation in WPC future leaders forum in St. Petersburg in 2019 and 23th WPC in Houston in 2020 too.

All my very best to you;
Ali Rahneshin

المپیاد مهندسی نفت   مسابقه مهندسی نفت   Petroleum Engineering Olympiad

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