After 22nd WPC in Istanbul, Iran Oil Industry WPC YC is responsible for local content development of WPC youth committees in the cycle of 2017-2020.

Our objective is to enlarge and retain the YCs and enhance their activities on global, regional and county levels.

The regional development of YP network must be done in three different levels for:

  • Newcomers YC and the countries which don’t have WPC YPC officially (such as Nigeria).

  • YP Committees which have normal activity and are not well organized and need to be advanced.

  • YP Committees which are very active and their best practices can be a guideline for the other YPCs.

Visions of Regional Local Content Development:

1. Promote the Youth Committees:

Taking advantage of the skills of qualified YPs in the country, encourage talented Young Professionals and students to join the committee and be involved in the Research Projects, Professional Panels in the Conferences, Symposiums, gatherings, professional workshops and forums.

2. Define annual Objectives and Focus the activities on them:

In order to get the best outcome from the objectives, the strategy and mission of each year is defined with the consultancy of WPC YC Chair and Vice Chair and of each country.  The Coordinators and members focus the activities on the objectives annually and try to achieve the best outcome from them.

3. Research Projects & Technology Transfer:

One of the main objectives of YCs is to solve the problems and challenges in the industry. The country representatives focus YPC activities on benefiting the potential, knowledge and skills of all the YPs they have in their network by doing research about the industry needs and by holding events about Technology transfer and create an opportunity to share their experience, knowledge and technology in the network in order to solve Oil and Gas Industry problems especially in their own region.

Missions & Achievement Plans

  • Creating the Infrastructures for the youth committee including: Finance, Integrated Data Base, Website, Social Media, Catalogues and Brochures.
  • Encouraging YPs and Student to join the WPC YC.
  • Adding members to the committee though website and social media



The flowchart above is the schematic of the Iran Oil Industry teams, which we recommend for each youth committee. The Coordinators of each team are appointed based on their knowledge, experience, leadership ability and interest to work in each group.

In order to have a dynamic committee, there should be a performance management system and portfolio management system for each team, the tasks are recognized by General Planning team and assigned to them by Executive Committee. The details of performance management system and portfolio management system are as follows:

  • Performance management system:
  1. Define basic functions of each team in WPC YC
  2. Define result – oriented Key Performance Indicator (KPI) according to basic functions
  3. Define the target of each team base on team maturity
  4. Consideration of KPIs’ trend in period of each index
  5. Design improvement plan for decreasing trend & finding the best practice for increasing trend
  • Portfolio management: (training process) (customizing based on local abilities)
  1. Design portfolio of WPC YC teams
  2. Deploy portfolio management process
  3. Control portfolio management process
  4. Collect lesson learned & improve portfolio management process

It is true that young professionals have a great potential to do several activities, but industrial companies with adequate reputation, stability and good financial condition can pave the way for our activities. There are some situations that young generation despite of their willingness to take new steps, cannot proceed properly or they will stop in a certain stage without applying their ideas completely. With the abovementioned engagement of the large Industrial companies, and by making them sure that they will benefit from such support, both parties can achieve best results. So in order to improve YP activities and engage industry more in our activities, there are two possible ways:

  • YP Platform
  1. Design YP platform as a portal
  2. Hire Youth Professionals (based on YP statute)
  3. Do projects
  4. Compensating activities by credit, hire, provide offers for them from industry (or by implementing a motivation system; job opportunity)
  • Project and R&D
  1. Signing MOUs with NOCs, IOCs, Universities, Institutes, etc. based on both parties’ ability
  2. Deploy project management office (PMBOK)
  3. Get projects
  4. Execute project by means of YP platform & manage by project and R&D team

The Schedule for holding a workshop to start developing YP networks and Share experiences and best practices is as follows:

Int. L.C.D Proposal revised by ali-5

We will start our mission from Kazakhstan, in Astana future energy EXPO, 2017. There will be workshops and presentations for the members and Coordinators of Kazakhstan YC in order to develope the youth Committee.


Iran Oil Industry WPC youth committee representative is having a technical meeting with UK youth committee in London on November, 16th, 2017 in order to share  experiences and best practices for growing networks and regional content development.